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Monday, May 17, 2010

Photography Seminar...with Pictures...

Photography Nature Seminar - Duncan and Wright - Instructor Paul Sparrow...
Well all I can say is what a day we had at Mountsberg Conservation Area ... we could not had asked for a better day.. the sun was shining...and the temperature was perfect at 18degrees .... and by default my photos where critiqued by Paul Sparrow himself... We started off our morning with an in class session on what we were going to be doing for the day.. and received tips on how to get the perfect shot... so with that under out belts we then we went out into the field, me in tow with a loner Sigma Lens....150-500mm and my brand new tripod... and off we went to first shoot Flora and Fauna...and that is where I took shots like this...

yupp that is a snake in the water...

This one I was told had great abstract and it was beautiful and it had nice things going on...with a little cropping it would be worth enlarging to print..

This is my favourite out of the Flora and Fauna session
We hiked to another spot to take more flora and fauna pictures... here are some shot from that spot...

Then off wen hiked to the Swallowville... wow let me tell you the 150-500 sigma lens that I was using was perfect for this.. I got up close to these birds without invading their space.... and here are some on my favourite photos...

I will be posting pictures of the birds of prey... which was our afternoon session... soon..


  1. all of these photos are looking good, laurie! :) you have inspired me to take more nature photos. they're beautiful!

    happy tuesday!


  2. These are stunning, Laurie!!!! WOW!!! Can't wait to see more.

  3. Laurie these are all wonderful! I love nature shots and try and get out and take as many as I can once the weather warms up to a nice temp! I am itching to get out and do some of this sort of thing this weekend with DH! Love your photos! Great job!

  4. Hi there! Came across your blog on the Kiki Art blog and did a double take! You spell your name the same way I spell mine and I hardly ever see that! Do you pronounce it "lori" or "law-rie"?
    Those pictures are great! What a neat experience!

  5. Beautiful. Can't wait to see the birds of prey pics. Glad you had such a gun and rewarding day!

  6. Hi Laurie... yes you are right you do not come across it very often... it is pronounced Lori..... thank you for your comment... it was a great experience..