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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Getting ready for....

To attend the Nature Photography Seminar... this Sunday.. put on by Duncan and Wright. The instructor is Paul Sparrow and we will be taking pictures at the Mountsberg Conservation Area.... I can't wait to learn and take pictures...
Stay tuned to the blog as I will for sure upload pictures and I am sure there will be layouts done with them as well... I am thinking Project 12 May 2010...will feature this day....


  1. Oh Laurie, this is going to be so much fun for you! I am jealous:) Can't wait to see your photos and then the layout that will come later this month!

  2. have fun and i can't wait to see those photos!


  3. You're going to love Mountsburg! We love that place. I'll be thinking of you all day Sunday as I crop the day away using all your sketches! Thanks fir the inspiration.