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Monday, February 22, 2010

February Project 12 Layout

I had a very relaxing weekend with some very good friends and new friends... we scrapbooked found out connections re the 6 degrees of separation... wow is that ever true...and celebrated life.. it was fun... I love going to crops and learning new things.. as I look at my project 12 last 2 months I am so glad that I have decided to do this project... well here is my layout for February... (I still have some journaling to do but as that is a private part of my life I am not going to be posting it) .....cant wait for the next few months to see how the rest of the year turns out with this project....


  1. I had a great time too - and I'm so glad that you came!!

  2. I love your color choice for the sketch! Is it my computer? The layout is blurry and I'd love to see your pics. Try taking it again with the macro setting (the symbol looks like a flower) on your camera and it should come out nice and clear.